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CLC provides its customers with a unique expertise and a wide range of Ground Handling Service at Kuwait Airport. We can provide efficient and quality service with minimal notice. We will assign a team of professionals exclusively for your airline that will be responsible for every detail, from planning to delivery. We offer airlift solutions including but not limited to the following aircraft - AN-26, AN-12, AN-124, IL-76, DC 10-30, A-300, A-310, B-757, B-747, MD-11.Our strength in services rendered is part of our highly customized approach to provide service that is impeccably matched to your individual needs.

Our current Services::

  • Hotel RFP Services
  • Hotel Services
  • Airport Transfer Services
  • Customer Support
  • Ad-hoc flights ground handling in Kuwait
  • Visa Services


As our client, we will work with you to outline a hotel RFP process that meets your unique needs and in the NBTA format. We can facilitate the bidding of one city, or many cities, on an annual or as needed basis (we suggest bidding/researching the markets throughout the year to stay on top of rate trends). We can tailor the RFP to answer your specific questions as well as suggest some questions that perhaps you may not have thought of. We can also provide you with access to monitor the bid process, if you so choose. You can be as involved as you would like, or just leave the bidding to us. We will provide you with a summary of the results so that you can make the decision that best meets your needs.
Our RFP process can be as rigid or as flexible as you need it to be.
From time-to-time, our clients have last-minute, ad-hoc hotel requirements. We are able to assist with the rate negotiation and/or booking(s) for a hotel stay within as little as a few hours. In these circumstances, we would by-pass our formal RFP process and contact our hotel partners directly to determine availability and rate and ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible.


CLC has the ability to provide you with details of any phase of the RFP process, including reports such as:

  • Bid status summary
  • Hotels that declined to bid
  • Program usage by chain
  • Year over year savings reports
  • Corporate vs. negotiated rate
  • First offered vs. negotiated rate
  • Rate trends


For the contracting phase, we are more than happy to get a contract for you, assist with contract drafting, or facilitate getting your company's standard hotel contract signed.


CLC offers you a variety of methods for booking hotel rooms:

  • Via GDS (yours or ours)
  • We facilitate bookings – you can send them via email, fax, spreadsheet, accommodation reports, etc.

No matter how your bookings are made, we will ensure that your negotiated rate is properly loaded and that your rate is being booked.


We will provide you with access to a hotel directory that allows you to view your contracted property details, including items such as rate, amenities, contract terms, etc.


CLC will:

  • Audit the rate periodically to ensure that it remains loaded and bookable
  • For manual bookings, that your rate is being booked.
  • Check your negotiated rate against market rates to ensure you are getting the best rate.
  • Periodic checks to ensure that the hotel rate manager is making your rate available as contracted.

We have extensive experience in hotel sourcing and would be very honored to assist you in this process. If you are interested in our RFP service, please email and we will be happy to outline a custom-tailored program for you.

Crew Hotel Accommodations:

We will provide you with hotels that meet your cost, location, and amenity requirements as outlined by your rest and safety regulations, as well as the requirements of your hotel committees.

Hotel Rates:

CLC is exceptionally dynamic and can adapt to our customers’ varying supply and demand as well as shifting distribution channels and locations of flying. We have the volume of rooms and know-how which allow us to acquire the best possible rates at the highest quality hotels for our clients. We provide you with hotels which conform to the regulations founded by airline management and accepted by crew hotel committee's for hotel services and features including safety and security and are adequate with the budget limitations.

Ground Transportation:

CLC can assist with bidding and arranging ground transport for crew members to and from the airport/hotel and also to airports/hotels within the same region. We would make arrangements with hotel shuttles or independent transportation vendors (whichever best met the need and budget requirements) for the properly sized vehicle to safely accommodate not only the crew, but also their luggage. We can also assist with coordinating the transport of distressed passengers.

Customer Support:

CLC offers a fully staffed customer service center 24x7x365 supporting airlines, crew members, hotels and ground transportation vendors. Team members have strong backgrounds in both airline and hotel operations.

Handling Service:

An airport Ground Handler is a key on-site manager while your aircraft is on the ground. They can be responsible for anything from parking and aircraft security, to the coordination of fueling, ground transportation, Customs and Immigration, crew services, load & unload, ramp services, catering, distressed passenger accommodations, transport, meals, and the countless other details that are required when transiting an airport. Our service starts the moment the aircraft touches down. We will be on the line and prepared to do all the requested services.


  • An in-depth understanding and ability to handle the requirements of government and military flights
  • Passenger Handling (Arrival/Departure, Customs & Immigration)
  • Communications (24/7/365)
  • Baggage Handling Services
  • Ramp handling (with full ground handling equipment required)
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
    • Air Starter
    • Push back and Towing
    • Passengers Steps
    • Air conditioning
    • Catering Services
    • Water Services
    • Cabin Cleaning
    • Aircraft Cleaning
    • LAV cleaning
  • Unit Load device control (ULD)
  • Crew & Passengers Accommodation and Transportation
  • Flight Information and Crew Administration
  • Freight (Cargo) Handling Services (Shifting of cargo from Civil to Military side ware
  • Fuel Handling Services
  • Airport and Civil Aviation charges and Landing, Parking Fees
  • Aircraft Air safety documents approval
  • Printing and Filing ATC Flight Plan

CLC prides itself in the personal attention that it provides for its corporate clientele. Whether it’s setting up handling, hotels, ground transportation, etc., we take care of all the details for you.

Loadmaster / KWI & BAH:

  • 747F-100,200,300,400 QUALIFIED
  • DC-10F / MD-11F QUALFIED
  • 727F-100,200 QUALIFIED
Load Planning:
  • 747F-100,200,300,400
  • DC-10F / MD-11F
  • 727F-100,200
  • DC-9F
  • IL-76
  • L-100F (C-130)