Distressed Passenger Service

Meeting the needs of passengers is the key to maintaining loyal customers for an airline. When the unexpected happens, weather delay, technical issue, etc., it is in these instances where a passenger’s needs are at their peak and how an airline responds can be the determining factor of a passenger’s loyalty. How do the passengers feel they are being treated? Do they feel cared for? Do they feel valued?

CLC’s Distressed Passenger Service team will partner with you to outline all the requirements you have to ensure the needs of your passengers are being not only met, but exceeded. We will help secure hotel rooms, meals, meal vouchers, transportation, provide communication with the passengers, payment for rooms, ensure accurate billing and reporting, and anything else that you require.

Our team is available 24/7/365 to you and your passengers. For more information about this valued service, please contact us at info@crew-logistics.com.