Our core business is focused at offering affordable and reliable accommodations and transportation services worldwide to airline crews and distressed passengers. Through utilization of our logistical concierge service, airlines will find that crew hotac and distressed passenger needs will be handled efficiently and effectively.

Hotel RFP Service

Crew Logistics is pleased to offer custom-tailored RFPs for our clients. We have the ability to facilitate multiple city RFPs as well as last-minute ad-hoc room requests.

Hotel Service & Distress Lodging

We will source and book hotels that meet your cost, location, and amenity requirements as outlined

Airport Transfer Services

Let us assist with sourcing, arranging, and auditing transportation service that is safe, cost effective, and timely for your crew.

Customer Support

Our experienced team is available 24/7/365.

Flight Handling

Need worldwide handling assistance, we can assist.

Loadmaster Service

Click here for more detailed information on our loadmaster services.

Crew Logistics

Company Vision

To be the ideal and the most reliable crew logistics company worldwide for airlines, crew members and partner hotels.

Our Claim

We strive to be above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our aim

CLC aims to be the leading crew lodging company in the world via a talented team with aviation and hospitality experience and commitment to quality of services.

Strategic Objectives

Superiority, Value Added Services, Cost Savings, Business Retention, Expansion.

Delivery Commitment

True Excellence Of Service



Personal Attention





Thank you for your interest in Crew Logistics. Our company has an exceptional reputation which results from the experience, dedication and hard work of our employees as well as our incomparable services. We understand that hotel accommodations, grounded flights, layover complications, last minute schedule changes, ground transportation, and visas may cause logistical challenges to any airline, especially in regions where you do not have offices or staff. It is in these situations that the Crew Logistics Company really shows its value. Not only will we be a partner ready to serve you at any hour of the day, but we will also be a seamless extension of your company, providing exceptional service to your organization, crew members and distressed passengers. We dare to be different. We are highly experienced, motivated and dedicated to personalized service. Our success is based on doing things more efficiently and economically than our competitors. We are local on the ground, speak the language, are available 24/7/365, committed to the success of your airline and organization, are very reliable, and we know how to make the impossible happen. At CLC, it is our goal to be the leading crew logistic company worldwide. Our talented team has extensive experience in the aviation and hospitality industry, which enables us to be the leaders in hotel sourcing, crew and distressed passenger lodging, ground transportation, VISAs, and ground handling. We are guided by the belief that “good enough is never good enough”. We know that our success is measured by the success of our clients. Our website provides a wealth of information about our services, and we hope you enjoy your time spent here. We look forward to establishing a long and successful relationship with you. Sincerely Yours and At Your Service,

Dori Mounir Saleh President

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